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Serving the industry for more than a decade as a leading design, web and app development agency and going through all the fluctuating scenes of business, in woe and in joy; BrandedLogoDesigns has learned a lot. We started with just a few and now have over 200+ employees; all this was not possible without going an extra mile to keep customers satisfied. At BrandedLogoDesigns, complaints by the customer's end are given the priority.

Customers get angry for various reasons—some justified, some not. In any case, since customers are the bloodline for any business, it is exceedingly important to serve your customers in the best possible way. Our customers' opinions are very important to us. We are committed to providing and continually refining our service levels by paying attention to and acting responsively on the feedback of our dear customers.

Turning customer's anger into customer's admiration is an art, which BrandedLogoDesigns masters in. No! This does not mean that we encounter angry customers frequently, but Yes! There are a few cases when we face unsatisfied, rude customers yelling on the phone calls, demanding a refund. Sometimes, the faults were on our part and sometimes the customers fail to explain what precisely they want. In either case, we have handled them and diffuse their resentment very well. We, at BrandedLogoDesigns, try our level best to resolve our clients' complaints and get back to them within 5 working days or earlier when possible. All the complaints BrandedLogoDesgins receive are recorded and forwarded to us for getting resolved. If a complaint cannot be sorted out within 5 working days, then it gets transferred over to the in-depth investigation stage, where we buckle down to give a full response to clients regarding their complaints. If necessary, we converse your complaint with you to get a clear idea of what is keeping you back from satisfaction and what outcomes you are expecting.

Last summer, we got hired by a client who was catering the real estate services. He showed the designers some reference images that were quite simple, but when the designers created the initial samples, while keeping the references in consideration; client got angry and said that the designs look like simple clipart. We tried to make him understand that the designs are crafted according to the images you suggested, but this gave a boost to his anger and demanded a full refund. At that moment, giving justifications was not at all the right move to make.

We went on video calls with the client to understand what he really wants his design to be like, we gave him other ideas for a real estate logo. He picked a couple of options that he liked so much. We ask for a day to get back to him with the next initial designs, plus we offer the client with business cards and other stationery designs as a complimentary service and finally he seemed relieved. Then, we sent the new references to the designers and made them sit late in the office to get the designs done in the very short deadline of a day.

The designs got approved in the first go and we forwarded them for fine tweaks and finalizing process. The process took a couple of days, and the designs were good to go. Finally, the client got happy after seeing the designs, he liked the stationary designs as well, and we got relief after turning an aggressive customer into a happy one. Now, it was time for a short break; we treated ourselves and the designers with some snacks, so that we can get back to work with full energy.

If you are not happy with the way we have dealt with you, kindly contact customer relations either by email, telephone, or letter explaining what went wrong and what would you like us to do to get things right. To help us look into your complaint, please provide:

  • Description about what has made you to make a complaint
  • What you would suggest us to sort out your complaint
  • Your full name, postcode and address
  • Your phone/email contact details
  • Your customer reference number
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