Lori Ann Fashion


Lori Ann Thomas


Born and raised in the city of Camden, New Jersey, Lori Ann has always had a personal eye for detail. Before the lavish designs, she started out making gift baskets and replicas of miscellaneous items like shoes and rocking chairs out of popsicles sticks and toothpicks.


Lori Ann hired BrandedLogoDesigns to get an online presence that can represent her products to the masses. Also, she wanted to make her products reach her customers online, so that the customers can style up their wardrobe by getting the products online within the comfort of their home and stay fashionable.


The first task was to do brainstorming with Lorean about her products, then we dig out about her expectations and requirements about the website. For Lori Ann, we created a stunning online eCommerce web store. Blending the corporate colors with a bold design, the online clothing store turns out as a highly responsive, user friendly and search-engine friendly package.


Features included in this website are ? Sell products ? Give personalized discounts to any customer ? Inventory Control ? Integrated customer database that increases as customers interact or buy with the online store ? Multi-currency support ? Cross and upsell features ? Sell Gift Vouchers ? Advance ready-to-go reporting, that means there’s no need to add any code ? Unlimited customizability


What has emerged at the end is loriannfashion.com, with a classy identity and simple, lively layout designed to provide the visitors a friendly appeal. With a powerful CMS & online store manager, the client is running the online store successfully.

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