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Jeff The Bug Guy is a locally owned and operated company that services the Southeast Michigan area. Our technicians are highly skilled individuals with extensive training and knowledge. We approach every situation with a strategy based on science and experience. At Jeff The Bug Guy there is NO one-fits-all approach. Each situation is different and we take the time to make a thorough inspection to get to the root of the problem, tailored to your specific needs.


The client wanted BrandedLogoDesigns to create a website that can:


We kicked off the process with inquiring the client about some important details and then devised a strategy to follow. We assigned a project manager with 3 web designers and developers to this project. We believe that solid work processes demand sleek functionality. Our web design agency sought to build a number of must-haves for this website site, including an advanced home page, a contact form, a FAQs section and services. In order to improve conversion & to immediately engage the site visitors, clear messaging and the correct tone was necessary.

Our mission was to convey Jeff- The Bug Guy’s enthusiasm and fun attitude with a bright and inspiring design. Blue elements woven throughout, punctuated the website content in bold style. The representational screen graphics and the mascot in the logo design were quite effective in attracting the visitors.

The website layout was kept simple, bright, yet professional to give a feel of reliability and trust among the consumers. Custom content blocks helped in driving the desired call-to-actions.

Their flexible and dynamic new website clearly defines who they are and what their software can offer prospective clients.


The client was very much satisfied with the website and hired us for the SEO services, as well that are in progress. Only recently launched, Jeff the Bug Guy has garnered incredible industry praise and attention. The result is a boost in orders and amplified profits.

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