GroomingTail Spa


Deana Evans


If you love your dog, you’ll surely love GroomingTail Spa. It is one of the most prominent names in the pet care industry that focuses heavily on customer satisfaction, providing the community one-of-a-kind experience that offers complete pet grooming. Services mainly include, dog walking, luxury mobile grooming, pet sitting and hygiene. GroomingTail Spa ensures to use natural products only for the grooming.


Deana Evans phoned BrandedLogoDesigns to get a website for their Dog Grooming services. Besides having a website that can give the client an edge over the competition, Deana asked for one on which the users can register their pets’ and their own profiles, so that we can get back to them as soon as possible.


Since, the website was for the dog owners, it needs to have a friendly appearance that can entice the visitors to book an appointment for their canine friend.

Client provided us with images she wanted to be used in the website. With a beautiful and funky color palette accompanied by a clean and user-friendly layout, this website is a joy to browse and navigate. Also, the website we created offers complete control of the website to the customer backed by a powerful Content management system.

We also designed a logo for them. The letter “O” was designed in a way to represent the foot print of a puppy, where as the Tagline “Luxury at its best for your pet” gels very well with the main typeface. Overall the logo compliments the website exceedingly well.


Some of the main features included in this website are… 1. Homepage rotating carousel 2. New Pet Profile 3. New client profile 4. Contact Us form


“Ever since my website got Live, our conversions nearly doubled”, as in the words of our client. The website escalated their presence on the digital platforms as the complimentary search engine optimization services helped the website rank up on google.

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