Dentex Smile Studio


Michael Awad


Situated on the lower level at 26 Madison Avenue, Morristown, NJ, Dentex Smile Studio is a highly efficient dental care entity that uses digital x-rays to reduce radiation exposure, makes the diagnostic and imaging retrieval processes much simpler and incorporates pain management techniques that are designed to keep patients comfortable and relaxed for the duration of treatment.


Michael Awad approached us to get a logo design created for its Dentex Smile Studio.


We worked with Mr. Awad to fine tune and distil their brand story into a simple logo design that can engage and connect with the target audience. The formalities for the design were simple; Michael wanted to have a representation that could depict comfort care and credibility to their clients.

First, we do some research on the client’s business and the logo designs of his competitors. The client wanted to have a logo design that can easily convey the services. So, the main image we created was picturing a tooth. The text was placed beside the image and was kept simple and legible.

With a minute round of revisions and exploring a few color options, Michael settled with a logo that represented smile alongside dental care.


We created a logo that was simple, elegant and sophisticated. It looked quite spectacular when superimposed on dark backgrounds. The typeface creates a great tie in with “Dentex Smile Studio” and the tone that the client wants to set.

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