Nick Nickolaychuk


Amrus Logistics has been providing global freight and logistics service from North and South America since 1999 and was a part of the STS Logistics Group After spending 15 years with STS, the company decided to extend its experience to other independent freight forwarders specialized in Russia and CIS, so as to gain more competitive advantage.

Their dedication to teamwork, customer satisfaction and technological advancement has made them the first choice of clients in their region.


The client wanted to have a website that can give its company a unique identity and educates the visitors about Amrus’s services on the behalf of the company 24/7. Client asked for a simple website with a clean and user-friendly layout.


Through research, talking to staff, vendors and clients, we were able to get into the skin of client’s services and clearly identifying the crucial aspects of the practice, as well as their objectives. We unveiled the strengths and potential shortcomings, and obscure the obvious features that any and all competitors will share in the pursuit of a unique website.

Our approach was to start from the scratch. A two color palette together with professional font treatment gave the logo design a professional and elegant look. Whereas, the work done on the website went further than merely the aesthetics, it was developed to be highly responsive and super search engine friendly. Besides this, a clean and wide layout, robust typography and plenty of white space constitutes a web design, which enhanced the client’s corporate image manyfold!


The project ended up with a stunning new website and well-designed logo that matches their core message and targeted market. Amrus is now consistent across all its brand assets, from logo to business cards and the website. The result was a unique and timeless identity that has been making the client stand away from the competition.

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